Master Classes

Here, a list of the different Master in Management classes offered by the Area of Marketing & Sales can be found. 
For further information please contact Sabrina Zieren, M.Sc.

Number of ModuleName of ModuleOffering ChairECTSTerm
MKT 510Price and Product ManagementHomburg6Fall
MKT 520Market ResearchKraus6Spring
MKT 531Marketing TheoryStahl4Each
MKT 540Marketing StrategyKuester8Fall
MKT 545Customers, Markets, and Firm StrategyStahl6Spring
MKT 560Services MarketingKraus4Fall
MKT 611Sales & Customer Relationship ManagementHomburg4Fall
MKT 612Business-to-Business MarketingKraus2Fall
MKT 613Negotiation ManagementKraus2Fall
MKT 614Communication ManagementStahl2Spring
MKT 621Global MarketingKuester4Spring
MKT 622Country ManagerKuester2Spring
MKT 623Strategic Marketing Management SimulationKuester2Fall
MKT 632Value-based MarketingHomburg2Fall
MKT 661Consumer BehaviorHomburg2Spring
MKT 662Interactive MarketingStahl6Spring
MKT 663Branding and Brand ManagementStahl4Each
MKT 710Research Seminar Prof. HomburgHomburg6Each
MKT 720Research Seminar Prof. StahlStahl6Each
MKT 730Marketing Seminar Prof. KuesterKuester6Each
MKT 740Research Seminar Prof. KrausKraus6Each

Further information on the subject of marketing, career opportunities and career requirements as well as the teaching concept at the University of Mannheim can be found here (German only).

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