Seminar Thesis / MKT 740 Research Seminar

General Information

The seminar thesis is prerequisite for writing a master thesis at our chair. 

For students who plan to attend to the seminar, the following prerequisites have to be fulfilled in advance or in parallel to the seminar (the prerequisites depend on the semester of enrollment):

  • fall term 2010 & 2011: MKT 510, MKT 520, MKT 530/531
  • fall term 2012: MKT 510, 520 & one further 500 module excluding MKT 550 (you can choose the courses MKT 531, MKT 532 (614), MKT 540, MKT 560) 
  • fall term 2013 or later: MKT 510, MKT 520 & one further 500 module excluding MKT 550 (you can choose the courses MKT 531, MKT 540, MKT 545, MKT 560)

For general questions regarding MKT 740 Research Seminar please contact Sabrina Zieren, M.Sc..

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TimetableFall Term 2017 
Announcement of Topics on Chair's Website20.06.2017
Application Period21.08.2017  - 01.09.2017
Announcement of Participants via Emailca. 04.09.2017
Kick-off Meeting: 
Allocation of Topics and Introduction to Academic Work

04.09.2017 2pm-3pm at L9 1-2 Room 204

Handover Date of Seminar Papers30.10.2017
Handover Date of Presentation files06.11.2017
Presentation of Seminar Topics13.11.2017 1pm

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A list with all topics in the fall term 2017 can be found Initiates file downloadhere


For application, please hand in the following as one (!) pdf-document to Sabrina Zieren, M.Sc.:

  • list of all seminar topics in order of preference
  • short letter of motivation for seminar participation and for the first preference topic
  • resume
  • certificate of general qualification for university entrance (Abitur)
  • intermediate diplom's certificate / bachelor certificate
  • current grades (master/diploma studies)
  • outline on future studies (which courses will be taken in which semester and when are studies planned to be finished)

Please do not apply at the other marketing departments in parallel; the four marketing departments will compare their lists. We expect that every student can participate in one of the offered marketing seminars (MKT 710, MKT 720, MKT 730, MKT 740).

According to our experience, you can expect to get at least your 3rd or 4th preference topic. 

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  • Starting point of the seminar will be the kick-off meeting during the 1st lecture week (up from 04.09.2017). There, we will give you a short introduction into academic writing as well as present the allocation of topics. All participants are required to participate in this meeting. Afterwards we expect you to contact your advisor to receive a starter package of literature as well as to coordinate your individual timeline.
  • You will have time to write your seminar paper as an individual assessment until October 30th, 2017, noon the latest. The seminar paper has to be handed in at the department's office. You are required to hand in two written copies and a digital copy saved as a MS-Word file on a CD.
  • The presentation of the seminar papers will take place in a block course approximately 2 weeks later after the thesis submission. Every participant has 20 minutes to present his seminar paper. Subsequently, there will be a discussion of 10 minutes for each presentation.

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The grade for the seminar paper accounts for 70%, the one for the presentation for 30% of the seminar's final grade. For passing the seminar a minimal grade of 4.0 in both parts has to be achieved.

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